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To see a world in a grain of sand 一沙一世界
And heaven in a wild flower 一花一天堂
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 手中掌握無限
And eternity in an hour. 剎那即是永恆

18世紀浪漫時期的先驅,英國詩人威廉姆•布萊克 William Blake (1757-1827)
Auguries of Innocence 天真之歌
by William Blake (1757 – 1827) 高雪妃譯

To see a World in a Grain of Sand 在一粒細沙中看到世界
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, 在一朵野花中看到天堂,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 在手掌中把握無限
And Eternity in an hour. 在一小時中把握永恆。
A Robin Red breast in a Cage 在籠裡的知更鳥紅胸脯
Puts all Heaven in a Rage. 憤然放入全部的天堂。
A dove house fill'd with doves & Pigeons 鴿子屋充滿和平鴿子和信鴿
Shudders Hell thro' all its regions. 在整個區域中見鬼的發抖。
A dog starv'd at his Master's Gate 一隻狗在它主人大門前受飢餓
Predicts the ruin of the State. 預言國家的毀滅。
A Horse misus'd upon the Road 一匹馬誤用在道路上
Calls to Heaven for Human blood. 向天堂呼喊人類流血。
Each outcry of the hunted Hare 每次吶喊打獵到的野兔
A fibre from the Brain does tear. 大腦的一條纖維便撕破。
A Skylark wounded in the wing, 一只翅膀受傷的雲雀,
A Cherubim does cease to sing. 一個天真可愛的兒童便停止唱歌。
The Game Cock clipp'd and arm'd for fight 鬥雞剪了翅膀裝備戰鬥
Does the Rising Sun affright. 升起的朝陽為之驚嚇。
Every Wolf's & Lion's howl 每匹野狼和獅子的嗥叫
Raises from Hell a Human Soul. 從地獄提出一個人靈魂。
The wild deer, wand'ring here & there, 野鹿四處漫遊,
Keeps the Human Soul from Care. 制止人們靈魂小心。
The Lamb misus'd breeds public strife 羔羊誤用將繁殖公眾衝突
And yet forgives the Butcher's Knife. 然而原諒屠夫的刀。
The Bat that flits at close of Eve 蝙蝠輕快地飛的向夏娃身邊
Has left the Brain that won't believe. 已經留下不相信的大腦。
The Owl that calls upon the Night 在夜晚號叫貓頭鷹
Speaks the Unbeliever's fright. 讓不信教的人的驚悸。
He who shall hurt the little Wren 傷害小雷恩的人
Shall never be belov'd by Men. 將絕不被人們所愛。
He who the Ox to wrath has mov'd 公牛憤怒而受感動人
Shall never be by Woman lov'd. 將絕不被婦女所愛。
The wanton Boy that kills the Fly 殺死蒼蠅惡意的男孩
Shall feel the Spider's enmity. 將感到蜘蛛的敵意。
He who torments the Chafer's sprite 為金龜子受折磨的人
Weaves a Bower in endless Night. 在無限夜晚編織一座涼亭。
The Catterpillar on the Leaf 在葉上的毛毛蟲
Repeats to thee thy Mother's grief. 對你重複你的母親的悲痛。
Kill not the Moth nor Butterfly, 殺死並非蛾也非蝴蝶,
For the Last Judgement draweth nigh. 對於近最後審判接近兌現。
He who shall train the Horse to War 為戰爭訓練馬的人
Shall never pass the Polar Bar. 將絕對通不過北極線。
The Beggar's Dog & Widow's Cat, 乞丐的狗和寡婦的貓,
Feed them & thou wilt grow fat. 飼養他們而你們會發胖。
The Gnat that sings his Summer's song 蚋唱它的夏天的歌
Poison gets from Slander's tongue. 毒從誹謗的舌頭到達。
The poison of the Snake & Newt 蛇和蠑螈的毒
Is the sweat of Envy's Foot. 是嫉妒的腳的汗。
The poison of the Honey Bee 蜜蜂的毒
Is the Artist's Jealousy. 是藝術家的妒忌。
The Prince's Robes & Beggars' Rags 王子的長袍和乞丐的破布
Are Toadstools on the Miser's Bags. 是在守財奴的袋上的毒蕈。
A truth that's told with bad intent 惡意所說的事實
Beats all the Lies you can invent. 擊敗你能發明的全部謊話。
It is right it should be so; 它正應該如此;
Man was made for Joy & Woe; 人完全適合快樂和悲痛;
And when this we rightly know 並且我們正確知道這樣
Thro' the World we safely go. 在世界塈畯怞w全生活。
Joy & Woe are woven fine, 快樂和悲痛被紡織的很好,
A Clothing for the Soul divine; 神聖靈魂的一件衣服;
Under every grief & pine 在一切悲痛和憔悴下
Runs a joy with silken twine. 帶著絲做的麻繩快樂運作。
The Babe is more than swadling Bands; 嬰兒不只是襁褓帶;
Throughout all these Human Lands 每個農場主了解
Tools were made, & born were hands, 在整個所有這些人土地
Every Farmer Understands. 工具被製造,並且天生雙手。
Every Tear from Every Eye 來自每只眼睛的每滴眼淚
Becomes a Babe in Eternity. 在永遠裡成為一個嬰兒。
This is caught by Females bright 聰明的女性抓住這點
And return'd to its own delight. 隨著它自己高興回報。
The Bleat, the Bark, Bellow & Roar 咩咩叫,狗叫聲,公牛吼和獅子吼聲
Are Waves that Beat on Heaven's Shore. 是天堂的岸上打擊的浪濤。
The Babe that weeps the Rod beneath 在這根杆在下面哭泣的嬰兒
Writes Revenge in realms of death. 在死亡的國度寫報復。
The Beggar's Rags, fluttering in Air, 乞丐的破布,在空氣裡拍打作響,
Does to Rags the Heavens tear. 作為天堂淚水的散拍曲。
The Soldier arm'd with Sword & Gun, 士兵裝備槍和劍,
Palsied strikes the Summer's Sun. 麻痺夏天的太陽
The poor Man's Farthing is worth more 比在非洲的岸上的全部金礦
Than all the Gold on Afric's Shore. 窮人的銅錢更值錢。
One Mite wrung from the Labrer's hands 從勞工手中擰出一點點
Shall buy & sell the Miser's lands: 將買和出售守財奴的土地︰
Or, if protected from on high, 或者,如果在上面被保護,
Does that whole Nation sell & buy. 整個國家便出售和買。
He who mocks the Infant's Faith 嘲笑嬰兒的信任的人
Shall be mock'd in Age & Death. 將在年老和死亡時被嘲笑。
He who shall teach the Child to Doubt 教孩子懷疑的人
The rotting Grave shall ne'er get out. 將永遠出不了腐爛的墳墓。
He who respects the Infant's faith 尊重嬰兒的信任的人
Triumph's over Hell & Death. 勝過地獄和死亡。
The Child's Toys & the Old Man's Reasons 孩子的玩具和老人的理由
Are the Fruits of the Two seasons. 是兩個季節的成果。
The Questioner, who sits so sly, 質問者,如此狡猾地坐著,
Shall never know how to Reply. 將不知道怎樣回答。
He who replies to words of Doubt 對懷疑的話回答的人
Doth put the Light of Knowledge out. 將知識的燈熄滅。
The Strongest Poison ever known 所知道最強大的毒
Came from Caesar's Laurel Crown. 來自凱撒的桂冠。
Nought can deform the Human Race 零能使人類殘廢
Like the Armour's iron brace. 像盔甲的鐵支撐臂一樣。
When Gold & Gems adorn the Plow 當黃金和珍寶裝飾犁時
To peaceful Arts shall Envy Bow. 對於和平的藝術來說,將嫉妒弓。
A Riddle or the Cricket's Cry 一個謎或者板球比賽的叫聲
Is to Doubt a fit Reply. 將懷疑一個適當的答覆。
The Emmet's Inch & Eagle's Mile 蟻的英寸和鷹的英里
Make Lame Philosophy to smile. 使跛腳的哲學微笑。
He who Doubts from what he sees 從他看見的懷疑的人
Will ne'er believe, do what you Please. 將永遠不相信,做你滿意的。
If the Sun & Moon should doubt 如果太陽和月亮懷疑
They'd immediately Go out. 他們將立即出去。
To be in a Passion you Good may do, 在激情時你可能做好事,
But no Good if a Passion is in you. 但是如果你有激情,但是沒有利益。
The Whore & Gambler, by the State 國家裡的娼妓和賭徒
Licenc'd, build that Nation's Fate. 有執照,建造那個國家的命運。
The Harlot's cry from Street to Street 從街道到街道的妓女的叫聲
Shall weave Old England's winding Sheet. 將紡織古老英國彎曲的褥單。
The Winner's Shout, the Loser's Curse,獲勝者的呼喊聲,失敗者的詛咒,
Dance before dead England's Hearse. 在死的英國的靈車之前跳舞。
Every Night & every Morn 每天晚上和每黎明
Some to Misery are Born. 對一些人來說痛苦誕生。
Every Morn & every Night 每黎明和每天晚上
Some are Born to sweet Delight. 一些命中注定甜蜜的高興。
Some are born to Endless Night. 一些命中注定是無限的夜晚。
We are led to Believe a Lie 我們被導致相信一句謊話
When we see not Thro' the Eye 當我們沒有用眼睛看
Which was Born in a Night to Perish in a Night 在要在一個夜晚出生並老化
When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light. 當靈魂睡在光束時。
God Appears & God is Light 上帝出現,上帝是光
To those poor Souls who dwell in the Night, 對居住在夜裡不幸的人們,
But does a Human Form Display 只是做人形式的展示,
To those who dwell in realms of Day. 對居住在白天的那些人。



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